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Custom Leather Patch Snap-back Hats

Choose from multiple hat color options when designing your fully customized piece.... 

About Kattington Leather

When my wife and I first moved in together we decided to get a couple of cats. My wife adorned her female kitten, Wrigley, with adorable collars so I felt like I needed to get my male, Floki, a rich and masculine collar as well. I looked in shops and online and was never able to find exactly what I wanted, so I decided to make one myself. The craft was enjoyable and I've continued the hobby ever since.

I love making things and collaborating with people to create something they will appreciate.


    Most projects I make are usually done with my daughter nearby. Theres always lots of singing, dancing, "the claw" attacks, and snacking going on in my shop. Shes a great keeping me smiling anyway. You can rest assured, I ALWAYS get her final approval so you can expect the best!

More to Come